Sony Xperia XZ3 Release Date & Rumours

Credit: Onleaks

What is the Sony Xperia XZ3?

The XZ3 is the successor to the XZ2 which was only released in the UK around 6 months ago. Rimours suggest a new, refreshed model with a slightly updated design and a potentially major upgrade to the camera will be released at IFA 2018 later in August.

Six months between flagship releases doesn't seem like a lot, but the XZ2 doesn't appear to have sold too well (there was a deal until recently on EE where they offered a free PlayStation and a game alongside the phone!).

So, what do we know about the Sony Xperia XZ3 so far?

Design & Screen

Credit: Onleaks

It doesn't look as if there'll be much change here, most likely a Full HD+ screen per the XZ2 with the same screen dimensions.

That said the phone is expected to be marginally thinner, 10.1mm against 11.1mm for the model before.

Check out these renders from earlier this month pointing to a more curvaceous design.

The Camera

This is where the new Sony Xperia could get really interesting. The XZ2 was thought to have lagged in camera quality - particularly against the Pixel, iPhone X and, of course, the most recent surprise, the Huawei P20 Pro.

The most recent rumour regarding the camera suggest an amazing 48 megapixel single lens on the back with the IMX586 chip that Sony recently announces. If Sony does go with this on the Xperia XZ2 this might explain why they are rushing out a new flagship just 6 months after the last one - a camera of this quality is bound to generate some buzz and perhaps even catapult Sony to the top of the league in terms of camera quality.

This is the feature we're most excited about hearing more about.

Price & Availability

The XZ2 was available sim free for around £750 in the UK and on a range of mid to upper range contracts. We'd expect the price to come in around the same for the XZ3 or perhaps a 5% or so extra.

That said, if the camera is good as has been rumoured, Sony might look to charge more of a premium so could push £850 sim free when it's released at the end of August 2018.

Will bring you news of contract and sim free pricing when it's available.

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