Samsung Note 9 Release Date, Features & Rumours

Update 6: 08 August 2018

via Winfuture

It looks as if we might finally have UK pricing for the Note 9 prior to its release on Friday at the Unpacked event.

Roland Quandt has found out that the 128GB version will be priced at £899 and the 512GB version at £1099.

That's about £49 higher than we thought on 30th of July when we had Indonesian pricing that converted to around £850 when VAT was included.

What do you think? Worth £899?

Update 5: 06 August 2018

What must surely be the final set of rumours is coming in regarding the specs of the Note 9. This is a pretty detailed post confirming what we've heard already about Fortnite, colours and the S-Pen's capabilities.

Reddit user Wan997 has managed to get some information from one of Samsung's device trainers and reveals:

  • pre order comes with either a Wireless AKG noise cancelling headphones ($299 retail) or Fortnite Gaming package OR get both for $99

  • Samsung will sell s-pens so users can pick different colors

  • 40 seconds of s-pen charging gives you 30 MINUTES of use

  • S-pen shutter button mechanic lets you double tap the button to flip camera mode

  • the color of your s-pen will be the color of your off-screen memo font

  • 6.4 inch but VERY similar footprint as note 8, it fit my note 8 case

  • new camera features AI technology, which optimizes the camera based on the type of landscape, person, animal, food, etc.

  • new camera also has speech bubbles that pop out if it detects your picture having any imperfections (blurriness, eyes blinking, hand shaking too much, etc.)

  • only need to use HDMI cable to turn note 9 into DEX, no need for the dex pad

  • while using DEX, you can use the note 9 to take off screen notes in case you're watching say a presentation or video

Galaxy Watch (no longer called gear s4)

  • comes in 46 mm and 42 mm sizes to suit men and women

  • features a new rose gold color

  • bigger sized watch can last "7 days", and is similar footprint to the Gear Sport

  • DOES NOT have MST technology, only NFC for Samsung Pay

  • features 40 workout modes compared to the 10 in GS3

The addition of camera AI seems pretty cool, and the ability to use DEX without the DEX hub makes sense (not sure how many people use DEX though).

All of this should be officially confirmed at the launch on Friday.

Update 4: 03 August 2018

via @evleaks and Phonearena

Looks as if Samsung have leaked their own device. The Samsung page in New Zealand appears to reveal the new Samsung phablet and it's s-pen in the blue and gold design we talked about below.

At the time of writing this article, the page had disappeared.

Ecpect the page to be back up on or around the 9th of August 2018 when you'll no doubt be able to get yours on pre-order.

Update 3: 30 July 2018

@bang_go_go_ on twitter has spotted Indonesian pricing for the forthcoming Note 9. The 128GB version appears to be priced at IDR 13,500,000. That's just over £708. Factor in VAT for the UK and we can assume a price of around £850 sim free.

The 512GB version is advertised with a price of IDR 17,500,000 or £917, again adding VAT, expect a price of somewhere between £1,150 and £1,200 for the top spec model.

Is that enough for Fortnite fans to splash out on for one month of exclusive play?

We'll find out more on pricing later this month.

Update 2: 26th July 2018

More and more information is heading our way about the Note 9 (see our first round up of the rumours below).

Prolific leaker @evleaks has these three new colours to report:

What do you all think? Black, blue or brown. I'm not sure about the brown, I have to admit, though the contract of the blue with the yellow S-Pen does look good. Pity there wasn't a similar contrast for all three colours.

Stay tuned for all the best Note 9 deals when released.

​Update 1: 23rd July 2018

Rumours are hotting up around the Galaxy Note 9 - we’ve got a run down of some of the key features along with the likely release date and pricing.

Design & Size

Obviously this is going to be a big phone but anyone in the market for a Note already knows this. The larger amount of screen real estate means taking notes, annotating pictures is going to great, for those of us who are major film watchers, the huge screen is going to make watching the latest episodes of Stranger Things a fantastic experience.

We aren’t expecting a revolutionary change in terms of style. It’s been rumoured to have a more “deep sea blue” and gold colour scheme but we’re sure it will release in a range of colours, perhaps with Carphone having exclusivity over a titanium grey version as they do on the Galaxy S9.

On the back will be a fingerprint sensor (perhaps a little small and awkward compared to other android phones, we hope not too close to the camera lens either - saves smudging every time you unlock the phone). Could Samsung be the first major factor to release a in-screen fingerprint scanner?

A number of reviewers last year thought the Note 8 was a bit too tall and wasn’t that comfortable to use one handed. Given the Note is supposed to be the flagship large device, we expect Samsung to maintain dimensions - perhaps a millimeter or so in either width or height but not much more.

Expect around 162mm tall and 77mm wide.

For those looking for something smaller, there is of course the Galaxy S9 and S9+.


Will the S-Pen be getting some major upgrades? If you weren’t a big note taker then how much did you end up using the stylus? Could the Note 9 get some useful upgrades? Rumoured to be on board are:

  • Ability to use the S-Pen as a remote for the camera - we can see this being useful - no more awkard pressing of the side of the camera for selfies, or even more advanced photography where camera shake is an issue - think long exposure shots of sunsets and night shots.

  • Music control - this one we’re less convinced by - could be great if you have wired headphones without controls but for most bluetooth headsets with gesture or fixed controls this seems a little pointless - would you want to rummage around in your pockets for the S-Pen to change music tracks?


We’re expecting a large all day or potential two day battery at around 4000mAh (this is 700mAh more than the Note 8).

UK Release Date

We hope to see the Note 9 launch sometime in September, prior to the release of Apple’s new iPhones.

UK Pricing

You can buy the Note 8 today for around £51 with £130 upfront. As the Note 9 is new and going to be backed by Samsung’s relentless marketing machine, we expect to have to add around £10 to the tariff at launch, possibly on the same upfront but until we get the deals from the networks we won’t really know. For the first few months it’s going to be a more expensive option than for the Note 8. That said, the S9 has become quite keenly priced as it hasn’t really sold as well as others of the Galaxy series so Samsung might want to price the Note 9 pretty keenly to ensure strong sales of that is undoubtedly going to be a fantastic phone.

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