New Kids, Us - Our guide to saving money on your mobile phone contract. Part 4

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

This is the final part of our series on how you can save money on your mobile phone. We hope you've enjoyed the, and if you haven't at least learned something useful! Parts one, two and three can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Tip 8: Wait - you’ll be amazed at the handset discounts you can achieve

This likely isn’t something many people track but the price differences between this year’s flagship device and last years can be pretty significant. Even waiting between 3 and 6 months following the launch of a new device can really bring in some amazing discounts. Have a look at these popular handsets that we tracked via Amazon. We looked at the handset’s price new (sim free) at launch, 3 months later and then six months later to track the difference.

After 6 months we saw the following savings:

  • iPhone X 64GB - 15%

  • iPhone 8 - 13%

  • iPhone 7 - 21%

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 - 27%

If you want the best handsets with the most buzz around them as soon as they come out then this tip won’t be for you, but if you want to wait for a while and then get some of these amazing devices then waiting just six months can make a massive difference to your wallet.

Tip 9: Consider some less well known manufacturers

The big two manufacturers, Apple and Samsung, tend to get most of the hype when it comes to new device launches, particularly where their main flagships are concerned. The hype has typically been driven by large marketing budgets that some of the smaller players can’t really compete with.

That said, some of the smaller manufacturers are creating great devices at lower costs than the big two and are worth considering if you want to save a bit of money.

If you’re an Apple aficionado then you’ll be out of options (apart from trading down from the iPhone X to the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 to iPhone 7 or SE for example).

If you’re an Android fan then you have a lot more choice. Here are some of the price differences for sim free flagships we’ve seen.

Savings you can make by considering less well known models and manufacturers

Tip 10: Talk to us

Last but not least, we track this sort of data so have all this information at our fingertips. If you want to talk about how you can save on your mobile phone then all you have to do is start a chat with us and we’ll be happy to help and advise. It’s easy free and fun.

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