iPhone X Plus Release Date & Rumours

Update 2: 07 August 2018

Is Apple adopting the tactics of almost every other smartphone manufacturer out there and accidentally on purpose leaving little clues about their upcoming devices hidden in plain sight?

This time it looks as if iconography for the rumoured iPhone X Plus has been left inside the code for iOS 12. Guilherme Rambo found these while digging around in the code.

The leak points to a much taller iPhone X Plus that doesn't seem to add much width when compared to the current iPhone X.

Rendered into actual phones, the 2018 devices could end up looking like this:

What do you think Apple is up to in these leaks? Let us know in the comments.

Update 1: 01 August 2018

Landscape Split Screen?

With Apple's anticipated iPhone event only a few weeks away speculation is increasing around what we'll be seeing.

Some Brazilian engineers from iHelpBR have been digging around in the iOS 12 code and report that they've found reference to split screen capabilities in the new iPhone X Plus. Coupled with a screen resolution of 1242 x 2688, this will be the biggest screen on an iPhone ever.

That extra screen real estate should make multi-tasking a bit of a breeze if it makes it to production.

Release Date & Pricing

Forbes are reporting that the iPhone X Plus may make it to market before the new iPhone 8 and possible iPhone SE replacement. The new iPhone 8 is likely to have an LCD screen and production issues with the screen technology have reportedly led to 4-6 week delays meaning the "X" could ship before the "8", a reversal of the release dates of last year where the "8" was released in September, with the "X" following in November.

via Forbes and 9to5Mac

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