Google Pixel 3 Release Date & Rumours (Update 4)

Update 4: 08 August 2018

The specs for the Google Pixel 3 XL have again leaked on a Chinese site.

It looks as if the Pixel will have 4GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 845 processor. Given this is running stock Android, a deal of the load will be taken of the processor, and 4GB of RAM should handle this well, however it is unusual to see Android flagships launching with this amount. Are Google aiming to cut costs with the lower specification? It makes sense if they've optimised the software to such an extent that 6GB, for example, simply isn't necessary. What would be the point of adding additional RAM and cost when it wasn't needed?

The Pixel also looks to be coming with an aspect ratio and resolution consistent with that of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ at 2,960 x 1,440.

Via Wccftech

Update 3: 06 August 2018

It looks as if Google has leaked its own Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL release date. As in previous years it'll be on Thursday 4th of October.

Brandon Lee, presenter of This is Tech Today spotted an advert for Canadian influencers on the influencer site Famebit. They are looking for influencers and creatives in Canada who can evangelise about how easy it is to switch to the Pixel (we assume from iPhone). Given it's influencer driven expect a lot to also be made of whatever camera tech Google have packed into their new devices.

With that news we have just a couple of months to wait until the big reveal. Expect plenty more details to leak between now and then. Perhaps we'll learn more about new Pixelbuds, the Pixel Stand (whatever that turns out to be - see below for more speculation) and perhaps a Pixel Watch device.

Update 2: 30 July 2018

Two pieces of news over the weekend regarding what the Pixel 3 might look like and what kind of accessories it might work with.

Pixel 3 XL in White

The first piece of news (via XDA Developers) is the leak of the Pixel 3 XL in white. We knew this colour was coming, but hadn't seen it in the flesh.

Thoughts - the back looks simpler than the Pixel 2 XL as it doesn't appear to have the two tone back (shiny glass top, matte bottom part). We're pretty much agreed that we like the simpler single tone look. If the back is made of glass it'll be a good indicator what it'll be coming with wireless charging on board

Which brings us to weekend piece of news two...

Pixel Stand?

Some clever people have been digging around in the Google App V8.14 and have found reference to a "Pixel Stand" within the code.

This could be a wireless charging desk (or bedside table) stand with Google Assistant functionality built in. It looks as if you'll be able to pair your stand with a Pixel 3 device and the Google Assistant will be able to answer queries for you.

We think this is going to be cool - we can absolutely imagine the dock on our desks where our phones can sit during the day, easy to see any notifications coming and, of course, easy to interact with the Google Assistant, hands-free without the need for a Google Home.

Do either of these features get you excited? Let us know.

Update 1: 18 July 2018

The Google Pixel 3 is one of this year’s most anticipated phones.

Last year’s Pixel 2 was well received with great performance, a particularly good camera and nice design that made it stand out from the mainstream. Of course, Google also put a massive marketing effort behind it and really pushed the Google Assistant on-board as one it’s key differentiators.

What we expect to see

This year’s devices from Google are expected to do the same. This year, however, they may be a little more controversial as one or both devices may end up sporting a notch that seems to divide fans of flagship smartphones all over the world. See the leaked pictures we’ve included here.

One criticism of last year’s devices were that they were a little bland to look at - functional - but bland. Can we expect a bit more of a design led approach that supports the famed ease of use of Google’s core software?

Another area that we don’t think lived up to the hype has been VR technology - after the successful adoption of Google Assistant will we see more of a push on this side from Google at this year’s launch?

Pricing and expected release date

The Google Pixel 3 is expected to be released in mid-October 2018 with a price tag of around £650 for the base version and £830 for the XL, a slight increase from last year’s Pixel 2 pricing.

Of course, when the Pixel 3 is released, we'll have all the best deals available to choose from on what will be a great new phone.

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